About LonnieSwift.com

Welcome to the “about” page.  If you are reading this, you are either wondering what I use this site for, or you are really bored and decided to click on the “about” tab.

This domain was a birthday present from Kate.  I thought it would be a neat way of allowing those who know us, or any interested party for that matter, to keep in touch with us.  I also use the site to post things that interest me (or as in some cases don’t interest me).

I love to hear your comments on any/everything here.  Your e-mail address’ are secure and are not published with your comments, they just help me filter spam.

Now spam.  Boy to I get some spam comments.  Mostly trying to sell me things I’m not at all interested in.  Sometimes guys from Nigeria try and give me millions of dollars, but I am able to resist their generosity – I know the money would change me and I’m happy with who I am.

OK, so have a read of what I’m up to.  Any suggestions will be at least read by me, so feel free to leave them.  No guarantees  that I’ll act on them though, I’m a minimalist sometimes (or I’m lazy, you decide).

Enjoy! Lonnie.

PS feel free to contact me by e-mail : info(AT)lonnieswift.com

2 Responses to About LonnieSwift.com

  1. Shane says:

    Hi there

    There is a grammar issue on the “about” page, 12th line down 4th in from the left side.

    Thank you

  2. TT says:

    Hi Lonnie,

    I just read the ‘about’ section, so am properly bored. However, the website is such a fantastic idea! And it goes back till 2007?! Well impressive. Also like the motto.

    I’ll have a look around – first thought: Definitely ditch facebook!


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