St Cuthbert’s way -day 1

We’re off! St Cuthbert’s way is a pilgrimage from Melrose to Holy Island in the Scottish Borders. We started by walking out of Melrose straight up a hill. Well, no point beating around the bush!  Great views!


A bit misty/rainy but still lovely. Down the other side took us through some lovely forest.


Then along beside the River Tweed


Which, given all the fly fishermen about, must be good for trout and salmon.  It is about the right time of year. Naomi made friends with the locals…


Before we got to a safe distance to be able to see the hills we climbed between first thing in the morning


We went between the second and the third ones from the left. We had the option of going to the top but when we were up there the weather wasn’t that good!

We finally ended up at the Harestanes visitors’ centre. We were still about 5km from our accommodation  (in Jedburgh) so the pilgrims made a decision. … call a taxi.
While waiting,  some of us stretched in a hope to ease the pain from the 32 kms walked already.


Tomorrow is a new day!

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