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I’m my Father’s son

It’s good to know I’m just an idiot (sorry Dad). Today when my motorbike broke down… it didn’t break down, it just ran out of petrol. Oh well, I needed the exercise (pushing 200 kg of motorbike 1 km).

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“Wine is the subtlest, most civilised, most noble of anti-depressants”

I was interested to read here that wine consumption in France is on the decline. Where as in 1965 the French drank, on average, 160 liters of wine a year, numbers for 2010 show a decrease to only 57 liters. … Continue reading

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Another weather post

I think I’m obsessed with the weather. I know a lot of Australians are, we talk about it like we can change what happens. Or maybe we wish we could change what happens. If it doesn’t rain for a while, … Continue reading

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Chilly spring morning

You know it’s a chilly spring morning when the ice forms on the loom. The wind was probably helping the ice to form, it was certainly helping ice to form on my nose.

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Nice loaf!

There is nothing like the smell of baking bread. Especially when it’s a fruit loaf. This is Kate’s Sunday arvo attempt and I don’t think it will disappoint!

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Great snags!

Lunch today was this fantastic dish of snags and cheesey ploenta. A hearty meal in the French Alps!

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